Poder reírme durante una semana entera en los parques de Universal, fue como una maratón de felicidad y diversión, y es ahí donde el título de "turista" no me molesta.Puede que Universal Studios sea un destino súper turístico, pero cuando un lugar pone a tu disposición todo para que te olvides de tu rutina y puedas disfrutar como si fueras un niño... se gana todos los puntos!

A diferencia de Disneyland, Universal Studios tiene más energía, mucha adrenalina, y un montón de atracciones en las que te subes una y otra vez... perfecto para Millennials!

Ingresábamos a los parques antes de que las puertas se abrieran para el público general y nos íbamos cuando los parques cerraban. Fue muy fácil ignorar el cansancio físico por que los momentos vividos y toda la diversión valían la pena.


Laughing for a whole week in Universal's parks was like a marathon of happiness and fun, so the whole "tourist" title doesn't bother me this time. Universal Studios might be one of the most touristic destinations in the whole world, but if a place has everything you need to take your mind off the monotonous grind of everyday life and allow you to enjoy yourself like you were a kid again... then it gets my thumbs up!

Compared to Disneyland, Universal Studios has more energy, more adrenaline,and a whole lot more attractions that you will you want to ride over and over again... perfect for Millennials! We entered the parks before anyone else could and exited when the parks would close. It was easy to ignore how tired we were because all the fun was worth the effort!


A Universal Studios volvería una y otra vez! En este post comparto mi experiencia contigo.

Un factor súper importante es preguntarte: ¿Te gustan las montañas rusas o las atracciones que causan mucha adrenalina? Yo no sabía si me gustaban o no. Antes si había montado en unas montañas rusas pero sólo en Medellín, y en Winter Wanderland (Londres)... y bueno, comparadas con las de Universal yo diría que esas no cuentan. Así que el primer día tenía que descubrir si me aterraban o me encantaban... para mi suerte resulta que me encantan!


I would go back to Universal Studios over and over again! And today I'll share my experience with you.

First of all you have to ask yourself "Do I like roller coasters and super exciting rides?" I wasn't sure. I've only ride roller coasters in Medellin and some rides in Winter Wonderland (London)... and well, compared to Universal's they don't really count. So the first day I had to find out if I loved them or hate them... luckily I happened to love them!



Compañía Pienso que es súper importante con quién compartes tus experiencias. Lleva a alguien que no le tema a reír sin parar y que sin duda le aporte magía y a tu viaje. No hay espacio para negative vibes.

Fast Passes! Al igual que para Disneyland, recomiendo 100% adquirir fast passes (pases para no tener que hacer filas). Repito: cada centavo vale la pena! Aquí puedes comprar sus entradas.


I think it's really important who you share your experiences with. Take someone who's not afraid of laughing nonstop and someone who can make your days and your trip happier. There's not time for negative vibes these days.

Fast Passes!

Unlike Disneyland, fast passes are not free but what they do allow is unlimited access to much shorter lines than normal. I recommend 100% getting fast passes, especially if you plan on riding some of the major attractions such as Skull Island where lines can be up to 3 hours long. With the fast passes we never lined up for more than 15 minutes for all of the large attractions which meant we had so much more time to experience the other things on offer in the park. I would never return without purchasing this option! I repeat: every cent is worth it! Get yours here. ( Please note, some of the park hotels include fast passes in their room package, please refer to your booking prior to purchasing the fast pass) here.


Early Admission También puedes comprar un pase que te da derecho a entrar al parque una hora antes que el público general. Es lo máximo! Eres el primero en cada fila, puedes tomar mil fotos sin tanta gente al rededor...

Early Admission

You will want to enter the park before anyone else. You'll be the first one in the queues for the Harry Potter attractions and you'll get to make loads of pictures without the crowds! By staying in any of the parks hotels, you will automatically get early admission (like we did).

Plan Para Universal recomiendo por lo menos 3 días. Sólo debes medio entender como están distribuidos los parques y te vas a encontrar moviéndote frecuentemente entre ellos, nada más y nada menos que en el Hogwarts Express!! O en shuttle buses a los parques que están separados, son súper convenientes y fáciles de usar. (Mi hotel nos llevaba a todas partes sin tener que pagar extra)

Planning I recommend that you stay for at least 3 days to get the full Universal experience without having to rush. Of course, you would need to purchase the multi-park ticket option to get the complete overall experience. Each park has its own reasons to visit but if you are anything like me and Harry Potter is the main attraction, it is worth knowing that Universal Studios have been very clever and strategically placed Harry Potter attractions in both parks so it is essential to buy the park to park tickets.

Just learn a little bit about how the parks are divided, you'll be moving between them very often, but that's okay, you can take the Hogwarts Express which is really quite amazing! (Only available to ride with park to park tickets)

If you do not have fast passes, try to plan for the main attractions at off peak times. During lunch times tend to be a little quieter on the attractions but by downloading the app from Universal Studios, you can keep on top of things like line times.

Hospedaje Nosotros nos quedamos en el Hotel Cabana Bay Resort, y estoy segura de que no pudimos escoger mejor! Aquí puedes encontrar más detalles sobre nuestra estadía.


Where to Stay

If like us, you do want to drive while on vacation, it is definitely advantageous to stay at on park hotel. Historically, on park hotels were extremely expensive but Universal has created a variety of locations for all budgets. We stayed at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort, and I'm pretty sure we couldn't have chosen better! Learn more about our stay here.


Ropa MUY comoda No es necesario perder el estilo (ser basic), todo el tiempo vas a estar moviéndote. En Orlando hace mucho calor y humedad (aunque llovizna frecuentemente) así que vas a querer ropa muy ligera, recomiendo shorts, con tops de manga corta o siza, tenis, y siempre gafas de sol. Mis principios me obligan a repetir: Evita ser básica/básico! Acá (en Caro's Editorial) lo que nos mueve es el estilo, no lo puramente funcional! Planes como este te hacen buscar un equilibrio entre estos dos.

Very comfortable clothes

Being that you're going to be moving at all times and that Orlando is very hot and humid (even though it drizzles very often) so you'll want to wear light clothes, I recommend shots and sleeveless or short sleeve tops, sneakers and always sunglasses. I must repeat: Being basic doesn’t mean you have to lose your style!! Here (at Caro's editorial) style is what drives us, not just functional clothes. This kind of occasion means you will need to find a balance between the two.

Backpack Vas a necesitar un morral en el que puedas guardar tu billetera, cámara, protector solar, raincoat, paraguas, llaves del hotel, souvenirs... todo este tipo de esenciales (generalmente los novios/esposos lindos los cargan😜). Cada atracción tiene una zona de lockers electrónicos donde puedes guardar tus pertenencias mientras estás en la atracción. Nota: No montar en las atracciones con lentes de contacto (por que se te pueden secan los ojos!!) ni con gafas por que se te caen. Para los miopes son experiencias que no vivimos en HD, pero está bien!


You'll need a backpack so you can carry your wallet, camera, sunblock, raincoat, small umbrella, hotel keys, souvenirs... and all the essentials (usually charming boyfriends/husbands carry them😜).

Each ride has an electronic locker area where you can store your belonging while you're on it.

Note: Do not wear contact lenses if you're going on the rides (your eyeballs might dry out!!) don't wear glasses during the ride either because they might fall off. For us, people with vision problems these are the experiences we don't live in HD, but that's okay!



The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Tengo que dedicar un post entero a este!

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Es una de las montañas rusas más altas en Universal... y definitivamente una de mis favoritas! Ven los baffles amarillos detrás de la cabeza? puedes escoger una canción (de Rock obviamente!) que va a sonar súper fuerte durante todo el recorrido. Sensaciones perfectas y esa!!


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter I have to dedicate a whole post for this one.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

It's one of the tallest roller coasters in Universal... and absolutely one of my favourites! Do you see the yellow speakers behind the ears? You can pick a Rock song and it will play full blast during the whole ride!


Skull Island: Reign Of Kong La tecnología de Skull Island es increíble! Para este tipo de atracción de realidad aumentada me queda muy difícil describir lo genial que son... simplemente puedo decir que es imperdible! Para esta el fast pass es indispensable por que las filas para el público general pueden durar más de 3 horas.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster La montaña rusa de Hulk! Es genial! Desde el principio te hace saltar el corazón, es súper rápida, poderosa, divertida y da giros de 360º. Es la que más miedo me daba, pero terminé montando un montón de veces.

Skull Island: Reign Of Kong Skull Island's technology is unbelievable!  It's a 3D Trackless Dark Ride, so it's very hard to explain what it feels like to be on it, I can only say it's a must! This ride is a reminder to get your fast pass; it's very popular so the normal queue can be up to 3 hours.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster What a brilliant roller coaster! It makes your heart jump from the very beginning, it's super-fast, powerful, fun and it spins 360º. I was scared of getting on this one but ended up doing it several times. It was recently renovated and the whole ride experience was changed and it was awesome!


Krustyland Es el parque temático de Krusty, esta zona que es como estar en una replica de Springfield hay varias atracciones, la mejor es la de simulación. Y también puedes ver a los personajes de vez en cuando andar por ahí y tomarte fotos con ellos! (La comida no vale la pena)

Krustyland Krusty's theme park, it's kind of like being in Springfield. There are some rides in it but the best one is the Simulation Dark Ride. You can see some characters walking around and you can get pictures with them! (The food is not outstanding though.)

The Amazing Adventures Of Spiderman y Transformers 3D Mucha adrenalina! Estás dos atracciones me dejan sin palabras.

Doctor Doom's Fearfall Me encanta la sensación que produce esta atracción! Te deja caer sólo dos veces pero es genial. Como me gustó tanto, tan pronto se acababa, volvíamos a hacer la fila (con fast pass!), así que entrábamos, salíamos, entrábamos...

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Montamos en esta atracción por lo menos 5 veces... es súper chistosa y divertida. No es sólo para niños. Tiene todo el humor del mundo y la tecnología usada es súper!

Para la noche está Universal City Walk, que es un espacio gigante dedicado al entretenimiento nocturno, allí hay restaurantes, tiendas, el mejor Karaoke! Es imposible aburrirse.

The Amazing Adventures Of Spiderman y Transformers 3D So much adrenaline! Amazing effects. These two rides left me completely speechless.

Doctor Doom's Fearfall

I love what this ride makes you feel! It drops you only two times but I loved it so much we would exit and get back again (with our fast passes!)

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

We went on this ride at least 5 times... it's hilarious, so much fun. It's not just for kids. The humor and the technology are brilliant!

If you're looking for night entertainment you have to go to Universal City Walk, you'll find restaurants, shops, and the best karaoke! It's impossible to get bored there.


Por nada del mundo pierdan el tiempo viendo el show de Simbad, es horriblemente aburrido y se me hace increíble creer que hace parte de Universal Studios! Parece como una obra de colegio. Nada que ver. Poseidon's Fury, es otra atracción muy vieja... y aburrida. Shrek... aburrido!! la tecnología utilizada en esta atracción es obsoleta (3D muy básico), tal vez a los niños les guste... pero no a un Millennial!! No eviten E.T! pero tampoco esperen algo súper emocionante, a mi más que todo me pareció tierna.

Este año abrieron más atracciones, de hecho están a punto de abrir un nuevo parque acuático que queda al lado de Cabana Bay Resort y se ve... de locos! Universal Studios simplemente se vuelve cada vez mejor. Yo no veo la hora de volver. Me encantaría saber lo que piensas de este destino, así que no dudes en comentar!

Do not waste your time watching the Sinbad show, it's extremely boring, I don't understand how this is part of Universal Studios! It's like a lame school play. Poseidon's Fury is also dated and boring.

Shrek... boring! The technology of this ride is obsolete (basic 3D), maybe kids like this... but not a Millennial! Don't avoid E.T's ride, but also don't expect something super exciting. I thought it was cute, still fun but of course, it has been there since the park opened so the technology is certainly not up there with the modern rides.

This year they're opening more rides and are about to open Volcano Bay (next to the Hotel Cabana Bay Resort) it's a water park and it looks amazing! It seems like Universal Studios only gets better and better and I'd love to go back.